Work up a sweat

We fire up the saunas for you every day

Although the tradition comes from the far north, it can also be enjoyed in South Tyrol. After a day on the bike, for example. Or after a hiking tour high above Algund. Your muscles will thank you.

Finnish sauna
Some like it hot

Step into this unique Finnish sauna experience at 85 °C. Let yourself be pampered by the smell of natural Nordic wood. Infusions with natural aromas stimulate your circulation, support the purification process and care for your skin and respiratory organs in equal measure.

The gentle way to enjoy a sauna

Mild warmth and fine steam, enriched with natural essences of aromatic herbs, envelop your body. The biosauna climate has a caring effect on skin and hair. Your airways are cleansed and stimulated.

Steam bath
Full steam ahead for relaxation

The essential oils obtained from medicinal plants dissolve in the steam. They penetrate your organism via the skin and the respiratory tract and unfold their miraculous effect deep within. The interplay of moisture and warmth dissolves tension into thin air.

Ice fountain
Ice on hot skin

The health effects are only complete when you cool down after your sauna session. Rubbing ice on your body ensures increased blood circulation in the skin leading to an invigorating cool down after the sauna. This strengthens your circulatory system.

Multi-sensory showers
Smell, see, hear, feel

At the push of a button, a warm tropical rain patters down on you, it smells like pine wood or apple blossom. You hear birds chirping and the shower is bathed in a warm light. Experience showers stimulate your senses and you begin to feel good from the inside out.

Contrasting foot bath
Take your circulatory stimulation to the next level.

We at the Mühlbacherhof swear by the warm-cold alternating foot bath. It promotes blood circulation, strengthens your immune system and ensures that your circulation gets a work out. At the same time, it relieves sleep problems and headaches.

Quiet room
Everything points towards slowing down

After an enjoyable massage, a sauna session or simply for carefree hours of reading: Time doesn't matter in our relaxation room. Sink into a sense of relaxation on comfortable loungers and treat yourself to those breaks that are often neglected in everyday life.

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