That's me

A real family affair

It is the personalities at the Mühlbacherhof that make me special and set me apart from other hotels. Gabi is the hostess, mother and good-hearted soul of the house, who brought me to life with her husband Martin. She looked after me, nurtured me and still takes the lead with great passion. Together with her sons Kevin, Oliver and Nils, who have accompanied me from an early age. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing guests come in and out with a smile every day. Maybe you too will soon be a part of my story?

One team, one spirit

The entire team is also part of this small family. What unites everyone is the passion for hospitality. Everyone expresses it in their own personal way - and that's a good thing! With many different perspectives and colourful ideas that everyone adds, in the end everyone always moves together in one direction. Everyone according to their own style, everyone with their strengths and weaknesses finds a place here, and ultimately makes me who I am. Because enthusiasm is the most important thing, and with me everyone finds the opportunity to give expression to their infectious enthusiasm.

Just like coming home

Discovery location

An adventure around every corner


A picture perfect preview


On route to Algund