Wellness Baths

Pleasure of bathing in the Whirlpool

Plunge yourself in a floating experience of beauty and wellness and enjoy delicious fragrances...

Harmony Bath
With herbs such as balm, camomile, lavender, ... This bath will restore harmony and balance
€ 25,00

Aroma Bath
Immerged in a fragrant world..
€ 25,00

Vital Bath
Invigorating bath with rosemary, lemon, ... Extinguish any feeling of tiredness and find new vital energy
€ 25,00

€ 30,00

Milk Honey Bath
Our best tip for sensible and dry skin. The nourishing elements of the milk feed the skin and leave it soft and supple
€ 30,00

Thalasso Sea Salt Bath
The minerals contained in great quantity in sea salt release the toxic agents from tissue, improves the blood circulation and regulates the pH value of the tissue
€ 30,00

Thalasso Seaweed Bath
Seaweeds contain the whole beneficial potential of the sea. They have purging, draining, metabolism accelerating and remineralising properties, strengthen the immune system, increase vitality and protect against damage from free radicals.
€ 30,00

The Floating Water Lounger

The pleasure of bathing in an exclusive and unique way...
Swing gently and comfortably and let the pleasant warm (40°C ) wrap you...

Alpine Hay Bath
An old type of bathing typical of the Alps. The body is wrapped in soaked hay. The even heat releases the valuable elements contained in the hay with their healing effect. The hay bath stimulates the blood circulation, purges the body, and has a relaxing and immuno-stimulating effect
€ 45,00

Cleopatra Bath
The beneficial and sweet-smelling mixture of milk and essential oils is a true pleasure for the skin!
€ 35,00

Oenothera Foaming Bath
For those who are looking for a special wellness experience. Indulge in the pleasant mixture of essential oils and luxurious foams. Your skin will look gentle and velvet
€ 35,00

Steam Salt Bath
This special treatment eliminates toxins and dead cells from the surface of the skin, which helps other biological processes to work well
€ 35,00

Purifying Seaweeds Wrap
in combination with essential oils. Seaweed Body Wrap cleanses and detoxifies the body. The skin absorbs the minerals that are essential for restoring its tone and vitality. These minerals help to disperse local fatty deposits ensuring soft, fresh and healthy looking skin. It breaks down cellulite deposits and disperses local fatty cells to improve the body's general health and appearance
€ 35,00