Superb Sauna



The body is surrounded by mild heat and fine steam enhanced with the natural essences of aromatic, gentle herbs. Bio Sauna´s finely tuned atmosphere nourishes your hair and skin. Further, the scent of herbs cleanses and stimulates your respiratory system while creating an invigorating climate. Just sit down, breathe deeply and enjoy yourself!


Essential oils extracted from herbs dissolve into steam. They penetrate the body through the skin and the respiratory system and work their positive effect. The soothing combination of moisture and warmth produces relief from tensions, calms the nervous system and enhances the blood flow to all organs and tissues, thus triggering their healing.

Crushed ice well

The icy rubdown ensures increased blood circulation to the skin and causes an invigorating cooling after sauna and bath treatments. In that way, your overall circulation is tuned and strengthened.

Lifestyle showers

Lifestyle Showers can be taken at any time! Your senses will be stimulated by fragrances ranging from pine to apple-blossom. You will breathe more freely and the well-matched colour effects will ensure a harmonious accord between body, mind and soul. You will achieve a state of calmness, balance, happiness and contentment - a state of wellbeing.

Rest & relaxation

Your mind and spirit will benefit from the different bath treatments, with numerous fragrances, oils, essences, colours, relaxing music and other aspects of wellness programs. To maximise these effects, you should take valuable rest. Discover the joy of taking things easy.

Footbath - contrast bath

Boosts the immune system and enhances the metabolism.