Cosmetic Line from South Tyrol

The Chamorchis alpina belongs to the species of orchids.

Hiking through the beautiful Gardena Valley, we can find this remarkable plant at an altitude over 1,000 meters above sea-level, in the rugged environment which prevails there. The plant is found growing in the cool Alpine meadows, where the climate is characterized by considerable thermal fluctuations, occasional dry periods, and sometimes violent cloudbursts. In a word, this plant has to struggle for life. It blooms from July to August. The delicate scent is reminiscent of vanilla. During the day, the flower opens its petals to bask in the sun. When the temperatures drop, the flower closes its petals to protect itself.

The Delicacy and Strength of the Alpine Orchid

Thanks to its ability to adapt to the rugged climate of the mid-altitude and high-altitude Alps, the Alpine Orchid has evolved a variety of natural properties of great importance in the area of cosmetics. From the extracts of the Alpine Orchid, we obtain active ingredients with highly moisturizing, soothing effects. This wide range of active components is rounded off by various natural pigments and nourishing ingredients rich in vitamins with anti-oxidizing properties which retard the aging process of the skin. Thus, the gentle nature of the Alpine Orchid and the extracts we obtain from it ensure that all of the products used in our cosmetic line display the most suitable characteristics for the treatment of the most delicate and sensitive skins.


(ca. 60 min.)
Revitalizing and anti-ageing effect for the skin thanks to the combined action of peeling and massage. Effect: nourishes the skin, makes it soft and protects it from drying-out.

€ 70,00


(ca. 45 min.)
A delicate and nourishing bath for the skin combining the effects of a bath and a body wrap. Effect: lipid regulating, reinvigorating, revitalizing and moisturizing. Indicated for dry and delicate skins.

€ 55,00


(ca. 90 min.)
Moisture and anti-ageing for the skin thanks to the combination of bath, body wrap and massage. Effect: the precious extracts of the Alpine Orchid and oils moisturize the skin and protect it from drying-out. Indicated for all types of skins.

€ 95,00