Beauty Treatments Maria Galland

Facial Treatments

Complete facial treatment
with peeling, deep cleansing, facial massage and mask     
€ 70,00    (90 min.)

Partial facial treatment
with deep cleansing, facial massage and mask     
€ 55,00    (60 min.)

deep cleansing and facial mask     
€ 45,00    (45 min.)


Ultimate and luxurious beauty care. The "Therapy Cocon" is a comprehensive anti-stress and lifting programme. Effective active agents are absorbed by the skin thanks to a stimulating facial massage followed by a foam mask. While you simply unwind and relax, your skin visibly retightens and re-plumps.
€ 82,00    (90 min.)

Brilliant Eyes

Special Eye Treatment
Effective care for brilliant eyes. The eye mask is an innovative combination of seaweeds and plant extracts with an intense revitalizing effect. Eye wrinkles are significantly reduced and the sense of stress and tiredness disappears.     
€ 30,00

Concentrate serum     € 16,00
Eyebrow and eyelash colour     € 19,00
Eyelash colour     € 12,00
Eyebrow colour     € 10,00


powerful care from the sea. The extract of Breton seaweeds provides an intense and prolonged moisturizing effect. The result is an exclusive feeling of freshness and relaxation.     
Thalasso mask
Maria Gallad with Peeling, deep cleansing, concentrate serum and facial massage     
€ 82,00    (90 min.)


intensive care whose results are immediately visible. The warming mineral mask activates lymphatic and blood circulation thus improving the targeted absorption of precious substances. The skin’s needs are ideally fulfilled.     
Face Modelling Mask - Maria Galland
with peeling, deep cleansing and concentrate serum     
€ 85,00    (90 min.)

Hand & Foot

Manicure    (45 min.)     € 35,00
Hand peeling with hand wrap     € 20,00
Pedicure    (45 min.)     € 40,00
Nail polish     € 5,00

Wellbeing Massages

Classic body massage (ca. 50 min.)     € 50,00
Partial back massage (ca. 25 min.)     € 35,00
Draining massage (ca. 50 min.)     € 55,00
Foot massage (ca. 25 min.)     € 35,00

Relaxing aromatic massage (ca. 60 min.)

An unwinding massage with warm aromatic oils with unwinding effect. It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation.
€ 55,00


Complete depilation (45 Min.)    € 36,00
Knee depilation (25 Min.)    € 25,00
Depilation of bikini area or armpit    € 12,00
Depilation of top lip    € 9,00